Coaching and Mentoring


Coaching will help you to understand and overcome barriers to your goals. Coaching will enable you to get really clear on what you value and reshape beliefs that are holding you back.

If you are someone who lacks confidence, underestimates your strengths, is burnt out or stressed at work, and if you have not achieved the progress you desire on your goals then coaching will help you to transform your mindset, gain fresh perspectives and move forwards. 

Coaching will give you the accountability you need to finally tick off that to do list, reach that long term goal, stop quiet quitting at work, achieve what work life balance means to you, make new habits stick and feel energised in life. 


Mentoring helps clients who are stuck, need answers or who want to gain knowledge from someone with experience in the field. The Coaching Studio provides mentoring within the coaching session where appropriate. 

Typical goals where mentoring can support your journey includes: changing career or industry; stepping back into the workforce after a career break; gaining a promotion and earning more money; getting confident with difficult conversations at work; successfully leading big projects where everyone buys into the change; developing a happy and healthy lifestyle where you have time for whatever is important for you - friends, family, fitness, and any dreams you have!

How it works in 5 steps:

Discovery call

You will have the opportunity to share the reasons for coaching or mentoring, learn about the coaching process and ask any questions. 

Understand and assess

Understand where you are today, for example your identity, values strengths. Assess the gap between your current situation and  where you want to be.

Development plan

If required we create a development plan with goals and actions. If you have selected a coaching programme then you will have access to a coaching platform with several features*.

Regular coaching or mentoring

Regularly scheduled sessions are usually once a fortnight. The coaching method tends to vary depending on your goals and barriers.

Closure and evaluate

We reflect on accomplishments against original goals.

Face to face

Face to face sessions are held at the Ironstone Wellbeing Centre (Kettering). 


The Coaching Studio can provide professional coaching and mentoring services to anyone located in the United Kingdom. Online coaching can be more flexible to fit around your busy schedule and in a location where you feel comfortable. For Online coaching and mentoring please find a private location where you will not be disturbed and can talk freely. 

*Coaching Programme Platform

A coaching programme at The Coaching Studio is where you opt to purchase 6 sessions upfront (at a discounted price!) rather than a one off session.

In addition to receiving a lower price, those who opt for a Coaching Programme also gain access to The Coaching Studio coaching platform. This will give you access to a platform where you can:


Free - Initial Discovery call to learn if coaching or mentoring is right for you (up to 30 minutes).

£65 for a one off virtual session or £85 for a one off face to face session (up to 60 minutes long).

£330 for a coaching programme including 6 virtual sessions (up to 60 minutes long) and must be used within 4 months.

£450 for a coaching programme including 6 face to face sessions at the Ironstone Wellbeing Centre (up to 60 minutes long) and must be used within 4 months.


"My confidence was reignited and I started to value myself again. Rachel was very attentive and considerate, I felt very safe to be open and honest with Rachel." Kajal at Great Ormond Street Hospital, NHS

"I appreciated Rachel’s perspective, responsiveness and flexibility. Rachel challenged me in the right ways. Rachel also shared useful tools and resources with me.  Rachel found a way to relay her own experiences and approaches to dealing with challenges to help unblock my thinking, without being directive or disempowering." Deepali at The Kings Fund

"Rachel allowed me space to explore my own feelings, thoughts and ideas before supporting with different perspectives. She was very flexible in using the session time to best suit me. Also I really appreciated having the personal development plan. I am still using the techniques that we discussed today." Esther at Great Ormond Street Hospital, NHS

"Before I started the mentoring programme, I was not confident or clear on my next steps or direction in my career. Rachel was very supportive and compassionate and understood my position. She made space in her busy schedule to mentor me, provided me with useful resources and helped me prepare for interviews." Rosemary at Clinigen 

"I have really enjoyed the coaching and have been very engaged in the process. The coaching enabled me to see different approaches and how these can be used to improve outcomes, decisions or projects. I felt challenged comfortably to see alternative perspectives and be held to account of what I can change and how to approach things differently. Each session was different and useful - each week the focus would be adjusted or tailored to what I needed from the session. Having a plan and being able to review the plan to find the gaps or strengths gave me confidence in taking the plan forward and how best to do so in my workplace" Jessica at Milton Keynes Hospital, NHS